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Learning language at Language planet is completely based on the pedagogical principles described by the CEFR a reference in teaching/learning of languages and is in line with the communicative and action-oriented approaches.

We at language planet make sure that the class is animated and lively: launch of each unit with a video, diversity of oral and written activities on current and engaging themes, variety of forms of work, games to develop one’s vocabulary, projects to be carried out alone or with others because language learning is not just a course but a feeling, an experience of adventures of past present and future.

With language you learn a way of life


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Mission / Vision

With The Open University you can study whenever and wherever you choose. We have students in over 128 countries, and a global reputation as a pioneer in the field of flexible learning. Our flexible teaching also means, if you travel often or need to relocate, you can continue to study wherever you go.

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